How to Maintain and Care for DTG-Printed Apparel

A Bearded Man in Custom-printed Clothing

Custom-printed clothing is a mode of expression, a piece of wearable art that dozens of your target audience will wear.

Are you sure you have its care label right?

Without proper care, vibrant prints can fade, leaving your customers with a mere echo of the initial masterpiece. It’s a good thing you have our experience and insights to draw from when it comes to DTG-printed apparel.

Here are the care essentials you should add to your garments. It’s never too late to add care instructions after the fact (more on that later).

Washing Wisdom

Machine-wash your printed apparel in cold water (below 90℉ or 30℃), inside-out, on a gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent sans fabric softener or bleach.

This approach preserves your design without compromising fabric integrity. Opt for a detergent containing only surface-active agents to avoid potential damage.

Temperature Talks

Heat can be a print’s biggest enemy. Tumble-drying and ironing, if not done correctly, may lead to cracking and fading.

Tumble dry on a low cycle or, better yet, air-dry your prized garments. If ironing is necessary, do it inside-out with a cool iron. These simple measures ensure your DTG-printed apparel remains vibrant without succumbing to the perils of excessive heat.

The Wash Test Journey

Embark on a journey through the wash test to witness the impact of correct and incorrect care practices.

First Wash:

Correct Care: Cold water, gentle cycle, mild detergent, air-dry.

Incorrect Care: Hot water, harsh detergent, fabric softener, medium drying cycle.

Second Wash:

Correct Care: The shirt maintains its vibrancy.

Incorrect Care: The shirt noticeably fades, losing color saturation.

Third Wash and Ironing:

Correct Care: The shirt stands resilient, its print remaining vivid and fabric intact.

Incorrect Care: The shirt further deteriorates, showing signs of shrinking, dull colors, and fabric visibility.

Getting the Message Across

 An Orange Megaphone for Circulating Care Instructions for DTG-printed Apparel

Are you wondering how to ensure your customers grasp the significance of proper garment care after you have already sent them for manufacturing?

Here are some tips.

Strategic Sharing

Integrate a video or illustration alongside your product images on your store. Create a visual guide for your customers.

Packing Perfection

Utilize packing slips or inserts. Add care instructions in text format or print the illustration on a postcard, offering a tangible reminder of optimal care practices.

Direct Dialogue

Communicate directly with your customers through automated messages or emails post-purchase, imparting valuable insights into the art of garment care.

Experience Supreme DTG Printing Services in Nashville, TN

In making your customers adopt these practices, you extend the life of your DTG-printed apparel and contribute to the sustainable enjoyment of wearable art.

Take these measures to preserve your designs, cherish your garments, and let them continue to tell your story with every wear. Before any of that, send them to Music City DigiTee for DTG printing.

Give us a try by ordering a sample. In the likely event that you’re satisfied with our service, you can then place a bulk order for your custom-printed garments.

Contact us for a consultation.

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